Fur Baby On Board

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my decals are handmade made from oracal & teckwrap vinyl brands.
The decals can be placed on car windows , car surfaces, boats, tow hitch covers, metal tumblers,
laptops, wine glasses , coffee mugs...pretty much if you can dream it up you can stick to it!

* Default size is 7”W x 2.8”H if you would like a different size please send me a message and I’m happy to make it happen!


1. clean the area youre placing the decal throughly to make sure there is no residue of finger prints or dust
2. lay your decal down & run a credit card over the top , helping
the image adhere to the clear transfer tape.
3. lift the clear transfer tape at an angle, slowly. your sticker should be
sticking to the clear transfer tape.
4. lay your sticker down where you are placing it slowly , so not too
many air bubbles will form, with the transfer tape still on top
run the credit card over the image to push out any air bubbles,
5. lift the clear transfer tape slowly away from the sticker